Cooking without vaccum/ziplock


Im thinking if it is possible to sous vide say a chicken without putting the ingredients into a bag.
Letting it form a kind of sous vide stock. will the heating element/sensor get corrode or damage during the process?

@tyrtok‌ we wouldn’t recommend that as it could end up causing corrosion on the pump and heating elements. You want very little to come in contact with this part of the unit other that soft water and a little salt to clean it.

The different cuts of chicken are better served at different temperatures anyway, you’d be better off chopping and bagging.

You would be poaching the chicken, if you placed it in a pot of water or broth, in the water bath. There is nothing wrong with poaching. Actually, this would be a good way to poach food, since you could control the temperature and prevent boiling.

Chicken breast, for instance should be poached at about 175 degrees F, for only a short time, less than the usual sous vide cooking time. I have a poaching recipe, for boneless chicken breast, that I will try, when my appliance is delivered, and I’m going to make yogurt in the water bath, too. There are a lot of uses for this appliance, besides sous vide.

When I first looked at circulators I was trying to decide between the Anova and the Codlo and decided that the Codlo (or Dorkfood) had more limitations but, it does have one big advantage for braises and stews… the Codlo temperature sensor is food safe…
I think both appliances have a place in the kitchen