Did I miss April fool's day???

Logged on this morning and a recipe page came up that looked suspect.
Here was the recipe for turtle stew


There were several others including Phils Phave.

Mods must be on holiday…!

I though 129.5 was low for a squirrel (unless it was a flat squirrel, ie rolled over by a commercial vehicle)
They are pretty tough so you’d need a long cook vs the pigeons would be a much shorter cook. I honestly don’t think this chef thought the recipe thru very well!

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I’ll take care of this - thanks!

Alyssa, I assume by “take care of” you mean you’ll ensure the egregious lack of a cook time in the recipe for “Phil’s Phave” is remedied at once…right? :slight_smile:

Ummm! Squirrel!

The Phil’s one was definitely a test that we did, that we should have taken down.

Good catch though lol.

You passed the test. :stuck_out_tongue:

So the turtle soup one is legit then? Does the turtle go in alive or should we dispatch it first? :yum: also, shouldnt the stew powder go in at the beginning? Now I see why you are a vegetarian!

According to Vlad Tepes’ “Cookbook For Suckers” you should always serve live and filled with blood. Of course his most famous sous vide recipe is titled “To Serve Man”, with a suggested temp of 98.6 F.

Halloween is almost here!

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That’s totally not my recipe lol. @whybuynew1