Didn't Receive Clamp

I just received my precision cooker, but not the clamp that is supposed to go with it. Am I an idiot or was this just not included for some random reasons? And no, it’s not hidden somewhere in the shipping box. I double checked and so did my wife. Who should I contact regarding this?

Did you take out all the foam? A friend said she thought she was missing the clamp but then I think she found it hiding in the foam in the lid of the tube.

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Yes, not to question you, but did you reach into the tube lid, put your fingers into the two holes, and pull the foam out?

I pulled everything out and thoroughly checked the foam. Twice. Unless the clamp is able to somehow compress itself along with the foam, it would have revealed itself when I crushed both foam pieces into tiny little balls just to make sure I am not a moron.

Take the foam out of the lid of the packaging. I had the same worry as you and felt pretty dumb when I found it in there.

I crushed both foam pieces
There are 4 pieces of foam. Check the lid. There are 2 pieces of foam in there, which contains the clamp. I thought they forgot mine too.

I have emptied the entire thing. Unless there is a gateway to another dimension somehow in the end of the cardboard tube, then there is no clamp. I took out the foam (I only had 2 pieces to begin with). I checked both ends of the tube. I checked the box. No clamp was included. I just walked over to the tube and foam right now and literally ripped the foam in half just to make sure I’m not insane. There is no clamp.

Haha well it is certainly possible that there was a packing error. But it is definitely not obvious where to find it even when it is there.

Oh you must have not clicked on “trans-dimensional stargate” on backerkit.

I have the same problem. Dug through the packing materials a few times without luck. I emailed support, but have yet to hear back.

Ugh, that really sucks that they somehow forgot at least two clamps now. Good luck getting an answer back from support, it seems like they aren’t answer much if any messages including the one from me for a different issue.

We’ve received a few support inquiries about missing clamps. All were solved when people looked in the other half of the box. We’re going to put a little tab in there in the future that directs people to the clamp.

If after checking both sides, as it seems is the case above, and there is no clamp, please contact support@anovaculinary.com and we’ll send you a clamp ASAP.

@"Stephen Svajian"‌ I thought that the two round holes in the foam covering the clamp in the lid was a good touch since it made it easy to remove the foam covering the clamp, but I guess it isn’t as obvious to everyone. I suppose a tab of some sort would be good at making it more obvious, especially if it is a bright color (maybe yellow to match the outside of the tube).