Dinner party chicken breast - SV afterwards to keep warm?

Dinner party tonight, pasta topped with grilled chicken breast (cutlets, quite thin breasts).

My thoughts are to sous vide the breasts @ 140F, grill, let them rest briefly, and then return them to the sous vide bath for up to an hour or even two to keep warm and get ahead of the work while our guests are here.

Anybody see any problem with this, or alternate suggestions?

Mike, your quite thin description is a concern as there’s not much room for temperature margin of error with chicken breasts. Thin ones more so. There’s no quality benefit to be gained from letting cooked chicken rest briefly.

I like to spend time with my guests so i often employ a cook and hold technique. Consider a quick chicken pre-sear for appearance and then SV cook and hold for service. This way you and the chicken won’t be so busy right before dinner.

From your menu description you aren’t giving your guests much flavour so there’s likely an unrevealed sauce or garnish with the pasta topped with chicken. That too can be prepped ahead and held separately in the water bath.

Thanks for the response. Sear first finish SV I had not considered but it certainly makes sense!

The pasta dish which the chicken will top has a Mediterranean cream sauce (think: Alfredo sauce but w feta in lieu of Parmesan) so the chicken topping is more for looks and texture.

Much appreciated…

Your Alfredo sauce can be made in advance, bag or jar, and hold with the chicken.

Consider chopping some fresh herbs and apply them to your entrées just before service. The food will warm the herbs and perfume your dining room.

Enjoy your party.