New At Sous Vide - Have ?? About Cooking Chicken Breast


I hope I am in the right category to ask this question.

We just got a sous vide and have so far cooked hamburger patties, scallops and corn on the cob. Basically items we already had in the kitchen. I want to cook some chicken breasts we have. All the recipes and instructions for cooking chicken breasts are for bone-in, skin on. I have boneless, skinless. Will I be able to use the same recipes or will I need to change something (other than the chicken!).

I appreciate any insight.

Thank you.

No real difference when you do chicken breast between on bone or off.

I like my chicken breast doe at 140F until pasteurised. This gives a very soft, juicy finish. Others like a more traditional texture on chicken and so use a higher temperature. Good information for cooking chicken in Balwin’s Practical Guide here.

Thank you

We cooked the chicken breast tonight and were happy with the results. It was very moist and tender. However we noticed the food isn’t as warm and what we are used to when eating although everything was cooked. Is there something we can do to heat up the food without taking away from it?

Thank you.

Serve onto heated plates.

As Ember said, heated plates make a big difference!
Also, serve your food immediately, don’t let it “rest” before serving. With other cooking methods you might let your food “rest” a bit to let the heat of the exterior permeate more fully into the interior…which just doesn’t make sense with sous vide of course! :slight_smile: Get all your sides ready too… Getting “all your ducks in a row” so you can plate and serve right away can take some planning, but the results are well worth it! (I have a wife who’s picky about hot food - trust me! )

Editing to add a link with some interesting specifics on plate warming! (At least I find it interesting! :slight_smile: )

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Celia, when you say you cook an item does that mean you both cook and finish for service? When you say your food isn’t as warm as you expect you might not be high-temperature searing to finish which will increase your foods exterior temperature.

You don’t reveal if you are in the habit of serving on heated plates. In conventional high temperature cooking you may not have found it necessary, but with the relatively low temperature of the SV technique it is. No period of resting is ever necessary with SV, just sear and serve.