Distilled Water

Live in Vero Beach, Florida, along with my Anova Precision Oven. Went to 3 Walgreen’s, 2 CVS’s, 2 Walmart’s, 1 Target (Their website said it was in stock and site was updated today) and 4 Publix grocery stores. Checked all water aisles and end caps including baby sections.

Nothing, Nada. Zilch.

I would have probably been OK if I didn’t have to clean the steam chamber.

My question is, are people in larger cities having a shortage of distilled water? If not, I guess I’ll just have to drive up to Orlando or down to West Palm Beach, both about a couple of hours away.

Is there an alternative? Maybe vodka could work?

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I am in Boca Raton and have had luck at Walmart.

Here in Vero Beach, both Walmart and Sam’s, no distilled water. HOWEVER, Walmart’s Neighborhood Grocery, HAD water!

I wrote to my condo’s Facebook page and someone responded saying The Dollar Store had distilled water. So, there is that as well.

Easy to make at home Making Distilled Water at Home Is Easy and Free. Here's How to Do It in 5 Steps - CNET or you can order a machine that will do it for you from Amazon (or probably walmart etc)

Same thing happened to me - I went to CVS, Target and Walgreens - NADA. I went to my local TruValue hardware store and there it was!

TruValue or other hardware stores or auto supply stores? here in Portugal, all super markets have 5 liter jugs of distilled water for 0.99 euros (1 1/3 gallons for $1.07)