Do you guys watch the SV Everything channel ???

I think I’ve watched about 20 of their videos, and they are entertaining…However, based on there video, for a bone in Pork Roast, I SV’d it for 60 hours… and that was definitely too much. Borderline mushy. Probably 30 hours would have been much better.

Then, for a top round London Broil (Picanha) I did it only for 3hrs (they said 2 !) and that wasn’t even close to enough :frowning: Thinking 8 or 12 hours the next time.

Hmmmm. Where do you guys put your trust… besides personal experience… Or should I say, before you had any personal experience ???

See my response on your other post.

Nope, don’t watch SV Everything. I find the guys obnoxiously annoying.

Here is one of the better ones.

I will take a look at this later. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

They haven’t put out content in a while, but ChefSteps is a good channel

Hey John, I was just checking out The Food Lab. I like how they break things down. I will use there advice on a Beef Brisket very soon. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m thinkin’ you got it backwards. Time=Tenderness! Temp=Doneness! Your protein can never cook more than the temperature of the water bath it’s in. The thing that will change over time is tenderness, if time is taken to extremes, you get “mush”! Remember Temperature does the cooking!! Good luck, and Sous Vide on!!

Also, “Serious Eats”, “Sous Vide Supreme” and “ChefSteps” ! Sous Vide Supreme has a nice time/temp table on their web-site that clear and uncomplicated (

Nope. Time = tenderness, temp = doneness.
I totally got that.