Does anyone try to prepare a full meal with the device?

I just got my Anova. It looks simple enough to prepare a meat or a side dish, but I would like to prepare a full meal with meat and side dishes. Unless I decide which item I prepare with sous vide and the rest the conventional way, how could you coordinate times and temperatures to cook multiple items with one device? I would hate to have to buy 3 or 4 cookers just to prepare a meal.

This topic has actually been covered off in other threads (so, I’d suggest in future you try to look around a bit before posting a new thread - the search function is pretty good too) :slight_smile:

But, to answer your question - you cook your higher temperature items first - then (depending on what it is that you’re cooking) you can either leave it in the bath while the other items cook, or cool it in an ice bath, then add it back in at the end when you’re cooking your last item. Decreasing the temperature of your bath as you go (you can throw in some ice to speed that up).

I say depending on what you’re cooking as some things, if you cook them too long (veggies for example) may get mushy.

You can add everything in at the end - even a nice 130F medium rare steak temperature is generally good for most of your foods as a serving temperature. :slight_smile:

(and if the last item is steak, may want to leave everything else in the bath until you’ve finished the sear on the steak and are ready to serve).

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I have 2 cookers and I use one for veggies and one for steaks. I have the original one they released and the first version of the current Anova product. At the time I got 2 mainly because of the great deals but now I am glad I do not have to juggle the timing. Luckily my wife and I like our meat, fish and poultry cooked the same way.

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Hey @lericray! I often do steak and asparagus, and cook the asparagus at 185F for 30 minutes, then lower the temp to 130F for the steak. The asparagus stays warm while the steak is cooking, and it’s all ready at the same time!