Don’t be stingy with Vacuum Sealer bags.

I have been SV for 16 months now. Lately I have been aware of the benefits of longer vacuum sealed bags.

Typically I am too frugal for my own good - read cheap and stingy. For a while I have recognized the benefits of longer vacuum bags. Firstly to me, they allow cutting open a sealed bag as to add aromatics or other late recipe ingredients, but with length to allow resealing.

I have long recognized the benefit of cuffing the bag to keep what is going to be the sealing surface clean and dry. Often my best efforts were for naught. oily hands with salt and aromatics stuck to them transferred to the sealing surface.

Today, on vacation with bags re-supply convenient, I double cuffed my bags again. The sealing surface is protected by the second cuff and double cuffing needs plenty of bag length.

I have been practicing primarily with beef for the past month on vacation in Florida, and have gotten consistently rave reviews from my critical audience, Milady Wife raised in the English ‘cuisine’ tradition - meat is not done until it is gray. I have been cooking 4h@137ºF.

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I’m curious - what do you mean by cuffing a bag? Turning the top over to create a fold at the top then sealing the resulting 4 layers?

Cuff a bit more than an inch and cuff again to stuff the bag. Then unroll un cuff and seal the protected surface as normal, near the top. Then there is space - length enough to cut the bag open again perhaps after freezing and storage when the contents need amending.

Like what you do when filling a pastry bag for piping.

Douglas, great idea matey, never thought of it , I will keep that one up my sleeve when next using the sealer.

Thank you.

It’s great that you’re experimenting with longer vacuum sealed bags and finding new ways to improve your sous vide cooking process. Double cuffing the bags seems like a smart solution to keep the sealing surface clean and dry. It’s also impressive that you’re consistently impressing your critical audience with your sous vide beef, cooked to perfection at 137ºF for 4 hours.

It’s a strange and unique idea.