Dry agend Sirloin with mushrooms

My first trial with the Anova:
Vacuum sealed some dry aged Sirloin Steak, cooked for 60 min. at 58°C.
Meanwhile I sliced some champignons, fried them with some olive oil, butter, and garlic in a pan, added some sliced fresh green, a splash of red wine and lemon and some onions before the mushrooms are ready. Put everything on a plate and kept it warm in the oven.
Then put the Sirloin out of the bag and briefly into the pan to give it some color. Ready.
Was delicious!


This looks delicious. To make the sear look more like it does in a steakhouse be sure and dry the meat before searing. The evaporation of the moisture slows down the caramelizing process. I have started cooking my steaks a couple of degrees cooler than my desired result and giving them a really good sear. Has worked out great.

This looks amazing! I love what you did with the champignons. Next time, you could even try making a steak sauce with your pan drippings after you sear (along with the remaining juices from the sealable bag) - deglaze the pan with some red wine, beef stock, herbs and butter (recipe here: http://www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/how-to/article/perfect-pan-sauce). Cheers! :grinning:

another searing resource: https://anovaculinary.com/anova-searing-guide-part-1/