Duck confit

Making duck confit with my anova. The recipe time length is 12 hours. When I placed the duck in the water the temp red 170F - I wake up and is reading 97F and it isn’t going up. Is it on some cycle and will go back up? Or is there something wrong?

Gahhhhh…I really don’t think that’s normal - something might be off with your Anova Precision Cooker. :frowning:

I’d suggest sending a message to so they can help you out with getting you cooking right ASAP!

I did - I am waiting for their response

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Okay, good! They’ll follow up with your ticket shortly!

They did but it didn’t help. They said to reset the sous vide machine but it didn’t work. The temp continued to drop and I just shut it off and moved the duck to the oven. Is there anyway to get a replacement? this is the 3rd time I have ever used the machine.

Hmm - let me look into your ticket. What’s you ticket number?


Oh, I see. Customer support usually tries to troubleshoot the issue first - sometimes things can adjust itself with just a few steps. If the steps didn’t work, I’d follow up on the ticket and let them know you tried already and your unit is still not working right. They’ll go from there!

I did - just waiting for them to contact me back