Eggless Chocolate Cake - Advice!

Has anyone here tried to make sous vide chocolate cake without eggs - what were your results and how did you do it? I have someone I want to cook for, but they cannot have any eggs (milk is fine). Thanks!

The chocolate steamboat recipe in the app is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. Scrap that. Just remembered it has eggs.

I vaguely remember someone saying they were experimenting with the water from cooking beans and pulses as an egg substitute, but that’s all I can recall.

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Yeah, I think I looked at just about every chocolate cake recipe we have on the site, but all of them have eggs. I do admit, the chocolate steamboat recipe is SOOO good. But my friend can’t have it. :frowning:

I tried to make an eggless chocolate cake about a week ago, but it came out weird. I also tried it flourless. Not sure if was one or the other (or both) that made it more into a fudge, rather than a cake. Long story short, I don’t have much experience baking, so understanding how emitting certain ingredients might affect the outcome is still a bit of a mystery to me.

More experiments to come.

Eggs, in a baking recipe, are usually there to make the matrix/web of the structure. The protein provides a sort of elastic glue which binds the structure together. Yolks can usually be replaced by another fat source, but the whites are difficult to replace. If you think of what happens when you whip eggwhites, they form a structure around little air pockets. There’s not a lot of other ingredients that can achieve this.

I wish I could remember the technical name for the ‘bean water’ that was being experimented with for making vegan meringues. I think it would be the best substitute if you are omitting egg white.

Mind you, eggwhite is almost pure protein. A lot of folk that have allergies to egg only have a problem with the yolk, not the white. Of course, that is something that would require medical testing.

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Aquafaba! Google is your friend.


Saludos ¡¡

El agua que contienen los frijoles o garbanzos en conserva (cocidos al natural) es un buen sustituvo de huevo. Mezclado con azúcar glas (impalpable) se hace un merengue de muy buena calidad

Me pregunto si eso agregaría demasiada sal? ¡Voy a mirar en esto! Gracias.

I wonder if that would add too much salt? I will look into this! Thank you.