Sous vide scotch eggs

Watched a TV show making scotch eggs and wondered if I could use my Anova to make them. A quick search showed other people use sous vide only for the egg, and deep fry it once the sausage meat is added.

So… Anyone have thoughts on whether you can cook the sausage-covered eggs sous vide, and brown it quickly afterward, like you would cook a steak? I don’t see why not, but I haven’t dared to try yet!

Only problem I see is that it’s not a Scotch egg unless it’s coayed in breadcrumbs and fried.

Both grounded meat and egg are soft and not very sturdy, I fear they might fall apart in the water. Otherwise it’s possible.

I think the problem inherent with this is that you have to cook the eggs first (and you want the yolk to be soft/runny).
45 minutes @143F is the recommendation over at serious eats, to have a tender but firm enough white but good runny yolks (

Then you have to remove it from the bath, cool it and carefully cover it with your sausage meat mixture, then re-bagging it to put it back into the bath, for at least an hour, to cook that sausage meat.

Therein lies the problem…your yolk would likely no longer be runny after you’ve exposed the sausage & egg to enough temperature to have the sausage cooked.

(and, yes, you would have to bread crumb it, then deep fry / pan fry the outside in oil to get that proper crusted exterior).

I really think the only way to use your sous vide is for the egg part. I’d do the sausage & breading part in the deep fryer afterwards (presumably you have good instructions already to get that part cooked without cooking the egg further) :slight_smile:

i myself have been tempted to try this, as for the egg is actualy suppose to have a hard boiled yolk cause there supposed to be served in slices. what i bee thinking is cook egg 45min@143f the cool and freeze egg, run under cold water few seconds to remove shell, then pack in sausage mixture then vacuu bag if don’t have chamber seeler then use vacuum ziplocks so can cut off vacuum befor crushing egg. then sous vide at higher temp to cook meat and firm up inside of egg.
then just matter uf roll in flour egg wash and roll in flour spice bread crumb mixture then flash fry about two minutes