Feature idea / Request: show clock

APO has replaced our old oven and that has lead to a rather unexpected issue for us which I think might nicely be solved through an OTA update maybe? Low effort, I’d hope :slight_smile:

Thing is, with the old oven gone, we no longer have a clock in the kitchen to quickly glance at. For pasta, tea and other quick things, we don’t bother seeing a time but rather just take a quick glance at the clock. Could the APO not maybe show a clock as soon as it goes into standby? What do you think, worthwhile idea?

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Thanks for the feedback!

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Nice idea.

I put my APO where my microwave used to be. I find myself looking across the kitchen to glance at the time and instead see the APO. Slightly odd in that I wear a watch and could just look at that but…habits.