Filet mignon for multiple people

I cooked 4 filet mignon per a recipe that was written for 2 filets. 2 came out really good while 2 were basically raw still. Does the amout of time the filets need to cook go up when you add more than the recipe calls for? I had some pretty thick filets. My boyfriend likes his steak medium well, with a very little bit of pink meat and i like mine more on the medium side… more of a pink color. How do you cook steaks together when 2 or more like their steaks cooked at different levels of doneness?

Were they all on one layer? If the pieces of meat are stacked it will extend the cooking time. Also if 2 were a lot thicker the cooking time would be longer for the thicker ones.

The easiest way to do steaks at different temperatures is to cook the one you want more well done at the designated temperature then lower the water temperature for the rarer one. Cook it for the prescribed time. The more well done one will not cook anymore at the lower temperature. When the second one is done take them both out and sear.

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Thank you!! I used 2 bags and had 2 steaks in each bag. They were all pretty much around the same size. I will definitely try the method you suggested soon. Thanks so much!!

Something must have been different for one of the bags. Perhaps the bags were too close together and the water did not flow around the steaks that were too rare.

Maybe air in the bag? Just a thought.

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I have 6 steaks to do on the weekend. Should I put each in an individual bag?

There is no need for separate bags as long as you do not let the steaks overlap in the bag. Depending on the type of steak you may want to use more than one bag so you can easily arrange them for good water flow.