Finish on the grill over high heat?

Hello, excuse me for my bad English, but I would like to solve a question, I want to open a typical American barbecue house here in Brazil, I am thinking of assembling a stock of pre-prepared meats in the sous vide and for later use them According to the demand of exit, my proposal is to use a high flame grill to finalize the meats and to be able to obtain the caramelization, you would recommend this technique to me or do you think it better to finish in the torch ???

Using the grill is fine, I do it all the time.

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One thing to consider is that pre-cooked meat can be cold. If you use the grill to finish the center of the meat may be still a bit cold. The food can be put in a sous vide bath for a few minutes to warm it up set at perhaps 125F. However, there may be regulations and rules for a public place to eat.

For this case I will have a machine on at 50 Ā° C or 55 Ā° C with the meats and according to the demand I will put more to defrost.

Thanks for the feedback

I agree with you. Indeed, it seems to me if you follow all the rules, then the fact that you will grill cooked meat on the grill - the taste of your dish will not suffer.