Finishing Smaller Pork Shoulder In Oven

So I have a pork shoulder going right now. I have followed the guide in the app, for temperature and time (ie doneness and texture).

My concern is that I am using roughly a 1 pound shoulder and I don’t want to follow the directions for finishing in the oven @300F for 1.5 hours. I feel if I follow this, the meat will dry out before the bark is formed.

My instinct is to raise the oven temperature and lower the time in the oven. Any one have any thoughts on specific temp/time or a rule of thumb to follow with smaller roasts?

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Shibs, a one-pound pork shoulder, - don’t you like pork?

You have good sense to not follow the apps’ finishing instruction. A one-pounder is too small to develop much of a crust in your oven without desiccating it.

I suggest you just decant the cooked meat, pat it dry, lightly slather it with your pork rub and mustard mixture, and roll it around quickly in an oiled hot pan to brown. The mustard seals the meat’s surface and binds the spices to the meat so there will be some light bark, but not as much as you would have from a longer cook with a larger piece.

Plan B would be to use your broiler or a grill to brown it.