Long weekend pork shoulder!

Long weekend, lots of football on…had to eat! Pork shoulder cooked 165F/24 hours, chilled to fridge temp, and then rubbed with Meat Church Gospel rub and smoked back to 165F, about 3 hours worth of smoke. SO GOOD.


Holy cow (or should I say pork) that looks too good to be real! :heart_eyes:

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How do you find the smoke penetration on the pre-cooked product?

Perfect! Smoke definitely sticks to the cold meat

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2 Questions:

  1. did you dry rub before bagging and Sous Vide-ing?
  2. I just did one of these, without the post-smoking, but cut up the butt first and browned the portions for a few minutes before the long cook… the finished product seems kinda dry to me? Any Suggestions?
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Hey! I rubbed at both times, yea. I’ve never had a problem with dry pork shoulder. Did you finishing in the oven or anything?

Cole, Thanks for getting back… i’m currently trying a couple of options on ‘finishing’ before laying out the bucks for one of those kitchen ‘blow torches’ touted so highly… I tried a quick browning in a cast iron pan and also a few minutes under the broiler… but neither was fast enough to keep the meat from being a bit dry… I love pork shoulder and have previously used a smoker, and most recently a pressure cooker very successfully but wanted to try the Sous Vide… so far as much as i like the tool, i haven’t found the best way forward with this cut…

Hmm. I’m not a fan of torches to be honest, but really can’t diagnose dry pork shoulder. I’ve never experienced anything even close to that!