Smoked Port Shoulder

Anyone have any experience with a pre-smoked port shoulder? Our grocery store has them this weekend I wondered how they would do sous vide and whether buying them pre-smoked is OK. I don’t have any way to smoke them myself except with liquid smoke.

Since it’s already been cooked, are you just wanting to reheat the shoulder?

It’s raw but smoked commercially.

You mean it was cold-smoked? Is it cured also? I’ve never seen cold-smoked pork shoulder being sold in a grocery store. I’m not saying it isn’t done, but just that I’ve never seen it. Are you sure it’s raw? Do you know what the brand is?

No it’s not cured. Just smoked as I recall the label. I’ll have to stop by again and check the brand but it’s probably Sobey’s Compliments brand. If you’re not in Canada that probably won’t mean anything to you.

So we still have the most critical questions unanswered:

  1. Do you know if it was cold-smoked vs hot-smoked?
  2. How do you know it’s raw? Does it say that it’s uncooked?

Meat department says they are raw and either cold smoked or spray on.

Pork, water, glucose solids, salt, sugar, sodium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium erythorbate, spice extracts, sodium nitrite, smoke.

The bolded parts are the clue here. That sure sounds like a cured piece of pork.

Maybe so but I looked again t oday and the label says raw uncooked. They may just inject the other stuff. Thanks for your help. In any case I’m going to try one.

Cooked it using the Anova recipe by Kenji from Serious Eats at 162, slightly below the suggested 165, for about 22 hours. The shoulder came in a mesh bag which I left on and rubbed the spices on through the bag. Worked fine except I found I don’t care that much for paprika so left it out of the second rub. Once the sous vide finished I removed it from the bag whereupon it fell apart which was fine as it opened up more surface for the spice rub, rubbed it again without the paprika and put in the oven for 1 1/2 hours at 300. When finished I pulled it apart into pulled pork, mixed in a South Carolina sauce (made from another Serious Eats recipe) and froze most of it in portions for two. Made about 20 portions. Delicious and simple. What a wonderful tool for cooking! I’d been thinking for several months about getting an Instant Pot but no more. I can no longer think of any use for the Instant Pott now I have the Anova.