Pre cut pork shoulder steaks help req

Evening all

I’m struggling to find any information on times and temps on pre cut pork shoulder steaks. They are a little over an inch thick wondering if I should treat them like chops or even if it’s worth the effort of sous vide. Any help will be much appreciated.


You can treat them much as chops. Select your desired done-ness (I like around 54C/130F for blushing pork) and your time of up to 4 hours and give them a swim. Being only an inch thick you could pull them from the bath after an hour and they would be ‘done’ with the meat having reached the desired internal temperature. However, a bit more time would probably be preferable.

When you decide to drag the meat from the bath, because it is only an inch thick, you might wish to give it a quick chill in an ice bath. This will cool the outside of the meat and give you a little bit of a barrier against over cooking with your sear. Dry meat well. Season as desired and sear off in a hot pan. 30-45 seconds per side should be enough if you can get the pan hot enough.

Plate and enjoy.

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