Pork chops thinner than 1 inch

Hi there…first time user here.

I’m cooking 2 chops that are about 3/4 inch thick. How do I adjust my time/temp?

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Normally I do not make any adjustments. With thinner steaks and chops the time to reach the proper temperature is probably about 15-20 minutes less. There would be no change in the temperature setting.

What you have to be careful of is overcooking thin pieces during the sear.

Here is an article on the subject:

Thanks for your quick reply and informative link. I plan on searing after cooking in a cast iron skillet, one side only.

I’ll let you know

ChefSteps says 45mins for a 3/4" pork chop.

Hi @susandoeshair welcome to the community! I cooked porkchops not so long ago, they were about an inch thick. Did them for an hour. Since yours is thinner, I’d go with what @Raiden said - 45 minutes!