2-inch pork chops?

New to the community and a rookie at Sous Vide. Cooking two two-inch thick pork loin chops bone in. 140 for two hours?? Looking for suggestions. thanks.

Greg, you certainly have been having some unusual results from your first two cooks. Solving that problem requires more details.

Let’s do a preventative review for these 2-inch thick chops.
They will require about 3 1/2 hours to reach temperature equilibrium or a uniform temperature and be completely cooked.
During the cook monitor your water bath temperature once or twice making sure your Anova isn’t acting strangely.
You do have a digital instant-read thermometer, don’t you?

The next step is where most newcomers have difficulties. Remind yourself the chops are cooked. After decanting from the bag where they were cooked side by each, not stacked, pat thoroughly dry.
Then season them as you will.

All you want to do next is put a little color on your chops to make them pretty and tasty. If you are seeking well-charred chops you’re using the wrong cooking technique and equipment.

Here’s the basic searing technique most cooks use.
Heat a heavy skillet to 450ᴼF or higher. Most use cast iron. Don’t try to sear using a flimsy aluminum non-stick pan. You will ruin the pan and annoy your chops.
Add a little high temperature tolerant oil and when it starts to shimmer add the chops.
Most cooks find 45 seconds per side is about right.
I tend to give the presentation side a bit more time, up to a minute, and the reverse side very little.
A quick flip, wait a few seconds, and right onto the heated plates.
Serve and enjoy.


Thanks for the response and the lesson. My water temp stayed steady at 140; followed your instructions and the chops turned out fine. Seared about 20 seconds each side, then 20 seconds more each side for a balanced sear. Thanks again for the info.

You’re welcome and congratulations, you are off to a great start. As long as you do some detailed planning for each cook all your results will be fine.