Pork loin chops time and temp question

Bought a center pork loin roast tonight and sliced it into about 1 inch chops. Light presear in butter (per Kenji at serious eats - he has some good thoughts on Using the milk solids to your advantage browning wise). Salt and pepper, no extra fat in bag beyond a bit of the searing butter. Used SVDash to calculate about an hour and a half at 137. Quick post sear in safflower oil.

Results? Not bad. But also… Not great.

The chops were very juicy, but not terribly tender. I cook this cut fairly often… Usually as a whole roast in the oven and as long as I’m paying attention and don’t overcook it, it usually turns out more tender than this.

So, thoughts? Longer cooking time maybe?

One thing that just occurred to me is that usually, when I cook it as a roast, after letting it rest, I slice much thinner slices. I wonder if it’s just perceived tenderness because of those thin against the grain slices.

Keep experimenting. I do chops that are bigger for 45 minutes at a higher temp.

SVDash ?

Brine the chops first, 1/2 cup Kosher salt + 1/2 cup sugar in 1 quart of water, for one hour, at most.
Sear the chops AFTER they come out of the sous-vide, not before.