First Sous Vide Cook

Probably a silly question, but here it goes. I am doing my first cook tomorrow with a pork tenderloin.

If my target temperature is 135° and I plan to do a quick sear to finish, how many degrees below 135° do I pull the tenderloin from the water so I don’t overshoot the target temperature with the sear?


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No need to worry about that. You’re cooking at your target temperature so there is no ‘below’ temp. You’re cook time is, essentially, the time it will take your food to reach equilibrium temperature with the water bath. The sear really should be hot and quick enough to not have an impact on the interior of your meat.

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Thank you Ember!!

@DAP when you do sear off your pork, make sure you pat it dry with a paper towel, and if you’re really concerned with it overcooking, you could pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes to lower the surface temperature without having much, if any, of an effect on the internal temperature.

Thank you Brian

How do you know when your food has reached the desired internal temperature? Is there anything beyond relying on a recipe? As you can’t stick a thermometer into it without making a hole in the bag–
and re containers, what about using a clock pot, which is already insulated, and can you also set it to warm the water during the time when the anova is heating the water?
Thanks, all new to me as you have guessed-