Food safety

I’m new to Sous Vide and my primary concern is with food safety. I would like to take some Sous Vide ribeye steaks on a camping trip. I typically cool them in cold water after cooking. Can someone tell me if its safe to re-freeze them in the same bag after cooling them for later use and if safe, how long would be the approx maxium time to store for this trip? My vacuum sealer is a VacMaster 215 and seems to put a good vacuum and seal on the bag if that makes any difference. Is it safe to thaw or reheat them in the same bag to then throw them on a charcoal grill for searing? Any help, suggestions appreciated.
Thanks, Norm

Google douglas baldwin, he is very thorough, you will learn a lot re SV technique off a veritable expert.


I sous vide stuff in bunches, cool and freeze all the time. This is for stuff i would normally sous vide anyway. For prep, i re-sous vide again. Never had a problem. I’m sorry i can’t answer the rest of your question. Doug Baldwin is an excellent resource, i have his book which came highly recommended, and rightly so. I even asked him a question once via his web site and he responded. I was impressed.

Thanks for the reply