Sous vide steak then chill/freeze .

Sous vide steak then chill/freeze …can I? … why would I?
We are going camping/caravan soon (I’m talking basic, no electric hook up, so no refrigeration). We will be away for a long weekend and I wondered if I could sous vide some steaks to our liking, leave them in the plastic pouches and maybe freeze prior to going. Then take (done) steaks from freezer, put in a cool box/ beer cooler allowing then to thaw on journey/next day maybe, then remove from pouches and finish on the BBQ ?
It sounds feasible to me, any suggestions or recommends please? Or ideas to refine the process?
Thanks, Jeremy
PS had another thought… possibly sous vide, then remove, pat dry with kitchen roll, and then reseal in new vacuum pouch prior to freeze to eliminate any excess moisture?

Yup, it’d work. I’d be leaving them in the original packaging. No need to add to the rubbish pile unnecessarily.

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Thanks, l think I just needed the reassurance to give it a go.

Ember is correct, leave your steaks in the cooking pouches and freeze.

You can keep them frozen all weekend if you wrap your steaks, and other frozen menu items, in several layers of newspaper and open the cooler as seldom as possible. I’ve achieved 4 days holding to semi-frozen that way in a tightly packed cooler.

Use a felt marker to label each package and fill the cooler in reverse order of your menu plan, writing on top, - first in, last out.

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Makes good sense … thank you J