Need help in sending Sous vide hanger steak...

Hello, first time poster. So here goes. My daughter just recently went away to college, and being the thoughtful dad that I am wanted to send her some Sous vide hanger steaks with some friends that were going up to see her, and would greatly appreciate some help with this topic. I would be cooking the steaks with my Anova and then freezing them. Would it be better to cook then sear then freeze or cook then freeze and then let her thaw them out and sear. Please keep in mind that she does not have a Sous vide cooker. Thanks again for any information you guys can provide!

I would sear then cook, freeze and send. She can drat to refresh them a bit with little chance over over cooking

Hi Brian, thanks for the input. One question what does “drat” mean?

Sorry, that should have been “sear” my mobile’s auto-correct and I have a contentious relationship at best.

Brian, Thank you! Have a great 4th.

Hi, I tried different ways with hanger steak. Here is what I liked most:

1: buy them in advance, place them in the sous vide bag with any herbs or seasoning that you like and freeze them. When you want to cook them, place the frozen bag in the bath and increase cooking by 1 hour, then sear.

2: For you daughter, I’d suggest to cook them, then freeze. Have her thaw them in the fridge and when ready, searing 1½ to 2 minutes per side depending of the thickness.

Also works well with bavette or flap

Just send her some money so she can go to a nice restaurant.

It is a very sweet thought, but do consider the distance (and time) that the journey will take. Like some have suggested before me, cook, freeze, and let her sear them. While you’re sending them over, maybe pack them in a cooler with ice/water/salt?

Thanks to all who responded, I will be sending her the steaks in a cooler this weekend and will be searing, cooking and then freezing, i will post afterwords and let you guys know how it turns out.
Thank you!