Fraudulent or misleading advertising, now resolved.

Advertising a 46% discount as a black friday deal when the real discount is more like 20%. Im really dissapointed and Anova should be ashamed.

What was the advertised price and what was the advertised price? Did you negate taxes and S&H?

SEK3599 vs 4599, including tax but not shipping, i. e. 22% discount.

Anova’s current landing page says: “Anova Cyber Week: Save up to 25% on the #1 sous vide machine in the world”

I didn’t see what you saw for the “Black Friday” listing but I expect it was similar. In that case there was probably some product that was discounted 46% but not necessarily the one you chose. Therefor no it is not fraudulent advertising.

A quick mental calculation should have shown that 3600 is not 54% of 4600.

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You can see on the main landing page but to get an extra 10% you can enter the ANOVA10 code

Save up to 45%

on the #1 sous vide machine in the world!


The ad said 45% discount on the APC pro and had a link, no ”up to 45% on selected products”. Following that link gave the original price and the discounted price as stated above. And yes, I did a quick mental calculation and obviously the discount was no way near 45%. Overstating the discount that much is at least grossly misleading advertising. Anyway, after reporting this to Facebook, and Anova customer support, the ad dissapeared and a few days later Anova have offered me the 45% discount honouring their original ad. I’m satisfied with the way they handled his, maybe it was just a genuine mistake with no bad intention, but they took care of it in a proper way.

happy for you, and good that the customer support handles this properly!!

And BTW with the links I mentionned above and the ANOVA10 additional coupon the Pro is down from €429 to €186 that is a 56% discount :wink:

Mistakes happen, it’s how a company handles them that’s important.
Resolved issue, happy customer. Simple as that.
And that discount code does not work in Sweden, so it goes.

It’s a shame
The shitty product doesn’t actually work as advertised though

Hi @Samuel_Kimble

What problem is it your having? I’m just curious as I’ve been using the Wifi model for two and a half years, and the Nano model for a year and I haven’t had any problems. (I know that some people experience issues with connectivity, but I’ve had none.)