Fried beef kidneys 2

Beef kidneys cooked for 4 hours at 130F/54C. I like grilled or fried kidneys, but it is a food I want to be sure is cooked. If I start with raw kidneys it is so easy to go beyond cooked to rubber. By starting with cooked kidneys I can fry them very hot and take them out when they look good on the outside.

These were dredged in flour before frying.

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Interesting! I’ve always wanted to try kidneys, but haven’t due to lack of availability and courage. Can you describe how they taste, in comparison to say, liver?

I would not compare the flavor to liver. It is its own flavor and texture. If you want to try them, start with a basic beef stew where kidneys replace some of the beef.

I find them delicious on their own.

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