Fried beef kidneys

I like beef kidneys. They are nice it a steak and kidney pie or a curry. But my favorite way is fried hot and fast like steak. But like steak, it is tricky to get the outside nicely done and not over cook the inside. At the same time, while I might eat underdone steak, I don’t want to eat raw kidney.

I found the solution!! Pre-cook the kidney sous vide at 130F for 4 hours (it was frozen to start) before slicing and frying as hot as the stove can go. I lightly seasoned these with salt, pepper, chili flakes, and turmeric for the fry.


Wow! This is the first time seeing beef kidneys. I’ve read they are packed with a lot of nutrients and they’re a great source for iron. Does this have the same texture as steak? Or is it different?

The texture is different than steak and it has a distinctive taste. There is some “EWWW” factor just because they are kidneys. I find them delicious.

They can be made tough by overcooking, so the sweet spot between over cooking and over cooking is tricky if you are frying.

The best first thing to try is to do a conventional beef stew with part of the beef replaced by kidney. The stewing will do the same as with the beef and make it tender.