Beef kidney following Thomas Keller instructions

This seemed  lot of work at first glance but it wasn't that bad.

rendered fat, wrapped in fat, rolled, chilled, wrapped chilled, rewrapped, tied, chilled and cooked.

I had also presoaked in milk.

It was actually pretty easy as you just do one thing every few hours. Not a last minute meal choice.

So far I am impressed. Looks like a large roulade in cheesecloth. The liquid is much nicer than any beef/pork liquid I have ended up with, almost sweet with no heavy kidney flavour.

Pretty sure I can't post the actual recipe, but it should be okay to post pictures? if anyone is interested.

Haven't cut into it yet as it is supposed to be sliced and then breaded and fried and it being kidney I want it well rested before attempting this, but so far so good.

Anyone else done kidney? I couldn't find any other instructions. Next time I may just plop it in the bag and cook it to see if all the wrapping/rolling/chilling is worth it. I suspect it is.

I really enjoy your posts @Helen!

I love that you’re trying a little less conventional Sous vide cooking :slight_smile:

How did it turn out?
I myself have never done (nor even eaten!) kidney so I’m 100% super curious!

I am interested in how it tasted. I haven’t had kidneys since I was young and we raised a steer each year. My mother insisted that we eat all the parts so there were 2 kidneys a year which I don’t remember well. I do recall the liver and tongue which I relished and the heart which I did not care for.

Thanks Bill.

Pretty good. Didn't taste like kidney which some would say was a good thing.

It sliced nicely but slices broke apart so I made red wine sauce instead of breading. Probably I didn't roll it tight enough. Maybe I will try a sushi mat for my next rolled effort.

These days cooking is almost a vice. Make more than I can eat or give away sometimes:) So I don't care if something takes three days or even two weeks to finish. I made the chefsteps corned beef, took about 10 days and it was excellent. Some things didn't turn out which made me a few good friends in the canine kingdom.  

I like reading anyone's cooking experiences good or bad.

It tasted quite good. I think I would have liked it a bit more kidneyish but who knows. I left out the aromatics as I am a bit scairt of aromatics and my circulator is acting up.

Kidney is a something different kind of thing that I make every few years when there is a nice looking piece available. Steak and kidney pie is what I usually make.

I love liver but hesitant about cooking it sous vide because it turns out so perfectly conventionally. Heart I have had recent bad experiences with. Except for chicken hearts which are hard to go wrong with.

Nice thing about organ meats is that they are cheap. Sometimes as low as $0.50 a lb. when available and generally good for you unlike the giant lemon meringue pie I bought last week for $2.