Have you tried 137F for ribeye?? Reddit says it's all the rage

It depends on grade of rib-eye. I do 130F on premium.

A heartfelt reply from Alex & Sue

Hold on there Anova. Chacque a son goute.
Shouldn’t doneness be a matter of personal choice?

Do you really want to rely on reddit as a resource for your culinary recommendations? When i see cult on a social media site i either leave ASAP or grow sceptical. I wouldn’t use reddit for investment advice either, although many do.

Strike One. Meat will only stick to insufficiently heated cast iron, fatty or not.
Strike Two. Mid rare is not bloody, it’s juicy.

However, that’s tasty looking meat. It’s hard to go far wrong buying quality and cooking at any reasonable cooking temperature.

Thanks for sharing.


Oh, doneness is always a personal preference! You are exactly right about strikes one and two. Glad we get 3! :slight_smile:

On a serious note, thanks for hanging out here and helping folks out! MUCH appreciated it.

Honestly, I don’t waste money on expensive cuts like Ribeye anymore… And keep in mind, Ribeyes used to be my favorite cut !
But shortly after I started doing SV, I discovered I could make cheap, tougher cuts, as tender as I wanted. My favorite cut now is Petite Sirloin (Picanha) which I get from $2.98-$5.98 a lb. Lately the regular price has been about $4.49.

Oh and my preferred temp for my Petite Sirloins is 135F. I’d probably do the same… Or maybe 133F for Ribeyes… If someone were handing out ribeyes…

You know the real tricks!

We have not had a ribeye in a long time. Lately pork and chicken have been on our menu. I am thinking about short ribs for the weekend, however.

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