Help on cooktime! Planning to sous vide large format steak made of multiple cuts

Hey everyone, I have a question about cook time.
I’m doing a big centerpiece steak that’ll have several different muscle groups including picanha, top sirloin, tenderloin, and tri-tip (possibly others depending on the cow itself and where exactly my butcher decides to cut it from).

I usually go for 135 F (~57 C) for medium rare, but I’m wondering about cooktime. I’m worried specifically about making certain parts, namely the tenderloin, mushy instead of tender. I’ve heard that this can happen when the cooking time is over four hours, but I’m cooking something thick (2.5 - 3 in ) and bone-in, probably needing 5-6 hrs of cook for the core temperature of the meat to get to where I want it.

Any advice is appreciated!

I’d go with the 3-4 hrs at 132F that way you cover all bases. You can recover from too rare.

Mr. Panda, you are planning to cook at the high end of medium-rare. If you get the entire first cut from the stern of the long loin you already know that’s a big piece of meat to wrangle. If he has Cryovac film large enough you might want your butcher to vacuum pack it for you. Do you have a cooking vessel large enough?

There’s not much you can do to protect the tenderloin from the longer cook time. All you can do is measure the thickness when you get the meat to determine your cook time.

Three inches is as thick as you would want, no thicker. Two and a half inches would be better and 4 1/2 to 5 hours should do the job.

I hope its not really going to be cow meat.

The only cut on your list that I cook is the tri-tip roast, which has become our favorite cut of beef the past several months. As it’s a tough cut, I cook it at 131F for 16 hours, which makes a very tender and tasty roast.

I sprinkle it lightly with Montreal Steak Seasoning before sealing, and after patting dry when done, brush it lightly with butter before searing on the grill.