New to Anova, cooking tenderloin. Help!

Hi there food nerds!

It is i! Your Capt! :slight_smile:

I need help cooking these two tenderloin I picked up today. I’d like to get a nice medium, pinkish, slightly bloodish out of them.

They are about 1 1/2 thick.

Can I get any advice from you food nerds?

This is my first ever try with the anova,


Capt out!

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Okay, first of all - I’m SO digging your username and picture. Literally my favorite cereal growing up! Hahaa.

For medium - I’m thinking 139F for an hour. I’m sure everyone else in here can get an answer for you too. Also recommend not stacking the steaks on top of each other during the cook.

Also the Serious Eats guide in the app is helpful, or you can check out this page

Hi Alyssa.

Thanks hahaha. I still like me some Capt Krunch :slight_smile:

Alright, 139F for an hour, and that’s it?I’ll clamp the steaks on the side of the big pot so I think I know how that works, I wasn’t sure about the cooking time and the temperature.

Many thanks!

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I second the recommendation of reading the Serious Eats link.

Make sure to take note on how the tenderloin comes out. Next time run a cook time for an hour longer or a few degrees cooler. You will notice a difference.



When it comes out of the bags be sure and thoroughly dry the meat before you sear it. You will get a better sear.Salt and a little pepper and you are in for a treat.


By your comment “pinkish, slightly bloodish out of them”, it appears you may want something more in the “Medium Rare” range of 55C/132F. Definitely review Serious Eats articles and also look closely at all the photos provided for reference.

I tend to go a little cooler as it provided a little more buffer when finishing on a grill or in the skillet.

You can’t “uncook” something that has gone past “how do you want your steak?” :scream_cat:


Going to ask a potentially dumb question… Tenderloins from what type of beast? I mean, they all have them. I’m guessing by the responses that the assumption has been beef. However when I read the OP my head said pork.

I guess I’m just trying to point out that if you’re asking questions it helps to be specific.


Hi, no dumb questions :slight_smile: It was beef, I should’ve specified that.

I went with 1 hrs @ 135.7F. It’ll be done in a few minutes. i said I wanted slighlty bloody, so that’s right in between the two temp. I’ll pat them down before searing. (thanks!)

Then, i’m going to sear it as soon as it gets out. I’m really worried it doesn’t come out right.

Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

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I can’t believe I “cooked” that. HOLY CRAP!!! THAT WAS AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!


@CaptKrunch I WANNA SEE PICS!!!

Great to hear that your steak came out perfect.


I have 5 tenderloins to cook tonight. Do I need to add more time? Thanks :slight_smile:

Soon! Lol

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Should be the same, as long as they are not stacked on top of each other. @CaptKrunch