Pulled Pork / Steak Medium Rare

I am doing a Pulled Pork with 158F/70C for 24 hours. (Did this before and worked perfect for me)

Based on that Pulled Pork temp, how long do I have to add a tenderloin steak to get it medium rare?


Your temperature’s too high. You’ll need to drop it to 130°F to 135°F. 158°F is going to give you a well done steak.

Thank you for your answer. But my pulled pork is on 158F. The idea was to put the steak for xxX minutes to the pulled pork so both meats are ready at the same time.

Doneness is defined by internal temperature. As Brian said it isn’t possible to cook tenderloin at 158F and get medium rare all the way through. Medium rare is 130F.

The method of cooking sous vide is to set your final temperature by the temp of the water bath.

If it were me I would lower my Anova setting to 130°F add ice to the water to cool it. Leave the pork in the water. When the water is at 130° cook your steak and remove it. Now elevate your temperature back to 158° and continue. You might want to add an hour to the 24 hour cook.

How thick is your steak?

2 inch.

If you want both done at the same done, do what John suggests, but just do it for the end of your cook and pull it all out at the same time - it just means your pulled pork will be dropping to 130F in temperature…as long as you’ve completed your cook that really doesn’t impact the finish at all (just a little cooler).