Help! Power went off - what is the protocol?

Power went off 8:30 this morning, the electric company just showed up at 10am to restore our power. The transformer on the pole blew a fuse.

Here’s my question - I started a cook last night at 7 o’clock p.m. for a chuck roast for 18 hours. I am cooking it in an insulated cooler which is a bit a relief since during thehour and a half the power has been off the temperature has dropped from 135° down to 128° so it is maintaining some heat. However once the power comes back on my question is do I just extend the cut time to make up for the hour and a half or 2 hours that it was off? Or something else? Thanks

You should have nothing at all to worry about. At 135F, it takes only about 45 minutes to kill pathogens. The bacteria would only be found on the surface of the meat and you had 12+ hours at that temp. Just restart the cook at 135F and cook until you want to serve.

I personally wouldn’t bother to make up the lost 2 hours because the roast was still cooking at 128, but that’s all a personal taste preference.