Lost power overnight should I be worried?

Hey there!

Just recently purchased an Anova sous vide and this is my second cook. I lost power and I’m looking for a little guidance.

I’m cooking a chuck roast. I started by smoking it for four hours at 225F and it reached an internal temp of 147F. Then I pulled it, vacuum sealed it, and placed it in the sous vide overnight. When I woke up this morning the unit had shut off because of low water (rookie mistake). It was off for 4 hours and the water was at 46F when I finally caught it. I then refilled the container and got it going again. Since then it’s been at a steady 155F.

So my question is. With your collective knowledge do you think the food is safe to serve or should I figure out a backup plan? I certainly wouldn’t want to get anyone ill.

Thanks in advance,

Hi ya @chzbacon Welcome

147ºF (4h ?) sounds cooked to me. I would eat it.

Yes. Buy or rig a cover.

Beef should be safe. Curious though. Where is your sous vide that it was able to drop to 46°F ?

If I understand correctly, you have lost the connection with electricity? You can purchase a generator to help with electricity and pump. I use e.g. predator generator https://www.propaneva.com/best-predator-generator/ it’s powerful enough so that your devices don’t turn off.