Interrupted Cooking

I was cooking frozen chicken quarters when the power flickered, I restarted the Susie but about 20 minutes later it flickered again but this time I forgot to restart it for about 20 minutes. When I restarted the water temperature was down to about 135 from 160.

THEN, the power went out and was out for about 3 hours. I gave up cooking the chicken, allowed it to cool to room temperature and then put it in the refrigerator. It is still vacuum sealed.

The chicken had been cooking about 2 hours when the lights flickered the first time, and the chicken was frozen when I put it in the Susie.

If I put the chicken back in the Susie and cook it longer, best guess is 45 minutes - 1 hour, will the chicken still be safe to eat?

This is my first attempt cooking chicken in the Susie so I want to make sure I get it right.


Sorry for the misspelling of Sous Vide, it was autocorrected and I didn’t see it. EJ

Welcome @Ej53

A precept of SV cooking ( I do like Susie’s Cooking!) is that precise time is not an issue as long as it is minimally adequate. Cook your chicken quarters as you would have from the beginning, same time and temperature. Only in extremis, like 24 hours, does excess time begin to have deleterious effects.

Leveraging the location of my ANOVA PC in my house, in my scullery (her kitchen) and near my WiFi uninterruptible power supply, it is powered by one of the UPS outlets and not sensitive to flickers or brief outages. And I have time to do an orderly shutdown and rescue the piece that may be cooking.

Doug -

Thank you for the information. I wish my uninterruptible power supply was close by, and I have 3 in the house. Actually I have been fortunate as we don’t lose power very often.


I live on a remote Island, our power comes ten miles underwater and does have occasional outages. But then I have only 700 neighbors and tourists have to pay to visit.

Have you thought about maybe upgrading UPS to li-po batteries of a decent amount for a back up? …prices are dropping, & they are not exactly hard to buy in & self assemble either if you wish to avoid the prices pylontech put out.

Interesting to see this issue pop up here. I noticed during a power shift that my Precision Pro turned off and did not turn back on. Usually power cycling around here is a non issue, but since we had some additional abhorrent weather coming in I put my Precision Pro on a 1500W UPS to ensure it would not be turning off due to power cycling while cooking a Prime Rib Roast overnight.

The Rib Roast cook went off without a hitch. I will continue to use an UPS for long cooks, but not for day to day short cooks.