Hotel cooking - a call for recipes

Hello everyone, I received this as a gift and I’m really excited to have some fun with it.
I’m going on to a trip soon and will be in a hotel for several days. It has no stove of course, and only a microwave and small refrigerator.

Does anyone have any suggestions for recipes that do not involve a stove for finishing? I know I know… fish right?! But I can’t have seafood… hence my dilemma.

Thanks for your help!

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Nothing HAS to have a finish, it just improves the flavor.

Creme brûlée? Hehe

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…and Dulce de leche :slight_smile: I’ve made both - and they’re both VERY dangerous to have around the house!!! (luckily the custard freezes quite well) :slight_smile:

Anywho, seriously, though I myself haven’t tried it yet - I do wonder if you couldn’t take some jars with you and make some soups. From scratch…not just pouring it from a can and heating it up! :wink:

Edit: But, the time to experiment is at home (so, that way, you can take whatever you need with you in your bag) - knowing you’ll have very limited prep areas and equipment to work with.

Hmm. That does make me think. If you did cook a bunch of things at home that froze well (chilli, soups, etc) - you could freeze them in mason jars, then take them with you, still frozen and place them in the fridge in your room - then use the sous vide to reheat them, bringing them up to the desired temperature for consuming. (and it’ll do a much better job of reheating - and you can kick it off hours before - so it’s piping hot, waiting for you in your room when you return).

Just make sure you don’t shock the jars! :slight_smile: (no putting cold or especially not frozen jars into a hot bath) put them in at room temperature water and bring them up to temp.

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Ah… I was hoping to make it presentable too… cooking for a loved one ya know :wink:

A hearty soup or chili sounds very doable and wouldn’t take up that much room. Thanks for the suggestion.

The “rub” is that searing produces a LOT of smoke!! You’re not going to have a nice, big, professional range hood in your hotel room, so you just might set off the hotel’s alarms if you tried to sear in your room (hot plate wouldn’t get hot enough…you’d have to pack a Searzall (and it’d take awhile to get all of the edges of the steaks seared - might have to pop them back in the bath briefly to warm them back up).

If you did want to risk it that is…heh…you shouldn’t. :smiley:

ow, I really like cooking and delicious dishes

Erika hasn’t yet disclosed the results of her combined SV culinary and romantic adventure. However it’s a timely matter worth discussion with restaurants now mostly being closed.

Technically, ventilation is only required for active uncovered cooking.

Fortunately sous vide can prevent travel induced culinary blues using the advanced cooking technique. Simply over produce your favourite meals, vacuum package and label a few portions, then heat again to Pasteurization. After a thorough ice bath chilling freeze until needed. I individually package my cooked meals and freeze them in small freezer bags with flattened contents for quick freezing and heating. I package accompanying starches separately for best results.

Looking for inspiration? Then don a mask and cruise the frozen foods aisle at your grocery store for examples of prepared and Pasteurized meals.

I’ve discovered curries, stews, and mixtures like chilli are the most successful. Forget steaks.