How can the bluetooth option be helpful ?

I mean, It sounds great that you can start or stop your SV machine while away from home… But you still can’t just leave everything setup, your meat bagged and ready to cook, and then leave it setting on your counter at room temp, before starting it many hours later… nor, can you finish a cook, and turn it off and then set for many hours at room temp, before you get home either. I mean, of course you can… but not, if your concerned about bacterial growth.

How does the BT feature help you ?

I think you’re getting bluetooth and wifi confused. Controlling your APC remotely is via a data connection (so your APC needs to be one of the wifi models). Once you have the wifi setup, whatever data path your phone takes (either cellular or wifi) to communicate with your APC at home, via Anova’s cloud, allows you to view its status and control it.

You can use the ice bath feature - putting your food into your vessel with ice and water. You really should do some experimentation with your vessel beforehand (as the size of the vessel, ratio of ice to water and how well insulated it is will all contribute to its holding temperature as well as the time it will take to come up to temp and start cooking your food.

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The other benefit is that you can monitor long cooks to insure that there was not a power outage.