Cloud cooking? How?

I though I would be able to check the status of a cook at home from work? How do I monitor my Anova remotely?

Provided you have the wifi version of the APC, it makes a connection to the Anova cloud once you’ve done the wifi setup. Then you can (via the app) check the status or control the APC from anywhere that you have a data connection (cellular or wifi).

I’ve never tried cooking clouds. How much does it take to get them tender? :wink:

Thanks, I do have the WiFi version. This works on the Android app? Every time I go off WiFi in my house I lose connection. Don’t see how this is going to work from a remote location?

Heh. Pretty sure they enabled the same functionality in the Android app. Have you checked in your WAP that the APC is actually connected and getting assigned an IP? (wondering if you’re not connecting over bluetooth instead).

When you do the initial setup in the app, the authentication is done over the app, so you’re then paired with the device…then you do the wifi setup.

(again, only 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n is supported).

If the Android setup is the same as the iOS setup, you must be connected to that same 2.4GHz network when you do the setup (you can connect to the 5GHz band later). The APC only needs to learn your network during the initial setup.
Also, if you have the same SSID for the 2.4/5GHz bands, you might be connected to the wrong one. (I’d disable the 5GHz network until the setup was done in that case).