is it possible to turn on the anova via wifi when you are outside home?

Hello I am considering wether to buy the nano model or de precisión cooker model

The capacity is enought for me in both models the only question that I don not have clear is if the anova precion cooker supports switching it on using the app via wifi when you are outside home.

Thanks in advance

Actually turning the power on the unit on? No. (there’s no power switch - it’s always on when you plug it in) Starting the cook? Most definitely, yes. (lots of people would use an ice bath to be able to start a cook remotely from work). It’s very important that you do some research into that if you plan to do it - you don’t want your meat sitting at room temperature for several hours - that’s how people get food poisoning.

The Nano only has bluetooth, so you can’t connect to it remotely.

I switch mine on while i’m out just because i can. I like silly things like that.
I do it with my Traeger too

I have the benefit of a wife that doesn’t work outside the house so she’s at home during the day. She’s not a techie however, doesn’t have a cell phone and doesn’t want one, but I can start the unit remotely when it’s time and as soon as I get the notice it’s reached temperature, I can call her and she’s happy to drop the food in for me.