New Anova Pre-Order

I see they are offering a pre-order on the new, smaller 1000W Anova. It says you can use this manually. Although it is nice to be able to operate the old Anova with my iPhone, I really want something that does NOT require the use of wireless. Can anyone confirm the new Anova allows that? Having wireless as well is fine, but I’d rather just be able to drop it in the pot and set it using the controls on the Anova. That would be a selling point for me.

Frankly, all the wifi appliances coming out bother me. I’m not sure I want my oven, refrigerator, and stovetop hacked. Manual is my preference.

Yes the new unit can be set manually or via the application.

All of the Anova’s can be operated “manually”. As for WiFi in new devices, if you don’t turn it on, it can’t be hacked.