Who's Pre ordered new one

I couldn’t help but add to my collection of sous vide machines. Anyone else.
Can the new app connect to 2 devices, I seem to remember this being talked about
some time ago?

I do not need a third unit at this point although I would like to have one. My two original units just keep working.

I didnt Need a ------one( I’ll leave that blank in case Mrs see’s )
but i wanted one anyway

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I have. Was looking for an entry level Sous Vide circulator for a while and had a chance to get a 70 dollar non-de-script one from Amazon last fall for only 30 dollars. Tried it out and have been enjoying it ever since. Lately I’ve been looking to upgrade to a better unit and keep the cheap one as a backup/second unit for when I need to do two things at once. The preorder discount on this one fit the bill perfectly and I can’t wait to get it. I Sous Vide 3 or 4 times a week but still learning.

The control of multiple cookers from one device is not yet available.

The control of a single cooker from one device is not available either.

See New Anova App Horrible

It seems to work for some, although I am certainly not one of them.

I’m using apps (like dualspace, parallel) for cloning anova app so I can control multiple devices.

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I sold my old one a year ago because I wasn’t using it due to the fact I was at work all the time. Turns out when your a cook and your in a kitchen all day, you have no interest to go home and cook anything time consuming for yourself.

Just got the shipping notice about an hour or so ago

No shipping notice hear

Got my shipping notice this morning as well. Tracking info is now updated and I’m scheduled to get it on the 1st of October. Can’t wait.

Just got mine

NOOOOOOO where’s mine LOL

I’m going to sit out front and jump the DPD Van
Hope it doesn’t come tomorrow Mrs is off work

Mine is on its way. Would be a weekend lol

Have you used it yet

I ordered one, it comes with a higher pitched noise then the older one. It’s… annoying

I did preorder 3 and I now regret it bitterly, with the new app version I can no longer connect to my wifi (password too long) and I am not reprogramming all my wireless home appliances for changing it.

If I may ask, how long is too long? Mine is 18 characters.

I read somewhere that 19 was the limit. Mine is 23.

That’s what happens when children without adult supervision are allowed to write software.