Aggravating experience, reconnection.

so I just had an aggravating experience, being required to reconnect my APC.


I first tried using the app on my iPhone SE 2nd gen many times seeing “try again, something went wrong.”

Then I got a glass of wine and sat down at my iPad Pro 12.9” - all running iOS 15.2. With the iPad it reconnected on the first try. Wheew!

During the unsuccessful attempts I saw a screen not mentioned in the How To; a request to JOIN network ANOVA XXXX (the four digits displayed with a 5 second press of TARGET Temperature).

During the unsuccessful attempts I also noted the presence of a connected WiFi network SSID named ANOVA XXXX.

I live at the last mile. I live at the last mile on a 1.5 Mbps DSL connection as provisioned. If a neighbor - not many! - is DLing a movie then speed goes down and ping goes up.

I may post more when my mind is clearer, not so distracted by aggravation.

I do love my APC but hate the typical internet chicken dance like “reboot your modem.”

Is it possible to use the APC when my internet network is down?

Hey Douglas, so sorry for the inconvenience. Yes, the APC will work with no connection, it is fully functional with the on-display devices.

Thank you. Yes, set desired temperature, set time, press RUN PAUSE to start. Press again to stop.

Is that written anywhere?

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It is. It is outlined in the Quick Start Guide on Page 5

Thank you!

I was so distracted by the ‘shiny toy’ of the app that I either forgot about the Quick Start Quide or never looked at it.