WiFi Connection Issues - every network but mine

Hi, I am using an Anova Precision Cooker. I am up to about my tenth cook and everything has been going fine except on the last three cooks I have not been able to connect the APC to my wifi. I follow the steps and when the app shows the available wifi networks…it shows every wifi network in the neighbourhood except mine!
Can anyone offer any insight? When I first set up the Anova everything worked perfectly. I have gone through the suggestions offered on the forum…turned off/reset/deleted app. So far I am encountering the same problem.
Any ideas?

Hi ya @culshawn

Ensure that your SSID is set to display. Some users do not display their SSID as a security measure.

I had problems connecting to my very slow 1.5 Mbps network until I moved the APC very near the modem/router, ~ 1 meter.

Thanks Doug, I’ll give it a go. To my knowledge my SSID is visible, but will check. It is odd that this was all working and I was connecting without issue…then it stopped working.