Not connecting, what's the next option?

Precison Pro won’t connect
Freshly delivered today, but the app doesn’t connect the probe to my wifi
Wifi password correct, and when you press the ‘Try again’ button, nothing happens, and the Contact Support button doesn’t do anything either
Doesn’t register on my bluetooth applications on my phone either.

2nd Precision cooker within a month…

2nd Precison cooker within a month… with a common problem? Maybe the problem is not the cooker. Routers are more complex than we credit them.

Mine cooker had to be within 2 meters of the modem-router.

Not really. There are standards that 99.9% of products adhere to which is why wifi connect problems like those with Anova devices aren’t very common at all.

Same issue here. And I know what I‘m doing regarding routers etc.

Curious thing. I had a similar issue in that i had to keep reconnecting to wifi.

The precision cooker pro prefers to set up its connection to your router using the 2.4 ghz. If you can, temporarily turn off 5G and then switch your phone to 2.4 ghz also. Doing this allowed me to connect without issue.

Recently had my fiber modem /router replaced. Configured secondary wifi for 5g & 2.4 ghz. Connected my phone using 2.4ghz and reconnected without issue.

I did work with tech support the first time i had issues.

Hope this helps