Do you have to reconnect the Precision Pro to Wifi everytime you use it?

I just purchased the Precision Pro Sous Vide cooker and I was able to connect it to my home wifi and control it from my iphone. The next time I plugged it in to use it, I couldn’t connect with my iphone until I went through the same initial connection process. Is this the way things work with the Precision Pro wifi connection? It doesn’t remember the local wifi connection?

Might that be an iPhone configuration issue? Mine certainly does.

The way I use my ANOVA PC Pro is to plug it in, it then boots up. I tap the Target Temperature icon and ‘+’ up to desired temperature. Tap the temperature icon again and then the |> start button. It starts. Then back to my desk and soon my phone tinkles that desired temperature is reached. Plop the bag in, and set the timer on the phone.

I use a Samsung Android phone & tablet and do not have to repeatedly reconnect wi-fi.

Have you reviewed the following?