How do I add a recipe to Android App?

Stupid question probably but …

Hey @Helen, we don’t currently have custom recipe additions in the app, but if you’re interested in adding one, I can take a look at the recipe and add it to the queue for community content when this does become available. Would you mind sending me the recipe? Along with any images you have? 

Sorry I hit no instead of yes. It does answer question but does not address my issue. I would like to be able to add/edit recipes to keep track of what I have done or what I would like to do.

I guess I was expecting something along the lines of other smart Bluetooth controlled cooking appliances. They are pretty rudimentary but not quite so simplistic. I guess Anova does not have time/money to spend on the app. Oh well I have been using it without the app for a year now so I will just continue to do so. Thanks the reply and offer off adding something. (BTW I can cook sous vide in my pressure cooker and add/edit recipes to the Bluetooth app so that is why I asked)


@Helen - you can’t with the iOS app either (pretty sure they both have the same functionality).

I wouldn’t expect Anova to put the R&D $ into creating a full blown recipe app within their app (if you want to see what I mean, take Paprika for a spin).   I keep all of my recipes in Paprika (on my Mac, iPhone and iPad - all synced via their cloud) - it also has a grocery planner and calendar (so, you could plan all of your meals in their app).   Appealing to the OCD in all of us. :wink:  And, yes, it’s available for Android (and likely Windows I’m sure).

I could see Anova doing that if they were LG, Whirlpool or Kitchenmaid and had a range of devices that could be integrated with such an application.

Hmm…maybe they should approach Paprika about a partnership - offer integration with the recipes app. :slight_smile:

@ fishersd

Thanks for the reply. I am afraid that overall I do as connectivity is a major selling feature. Also I have a Smart appliance by a smaller Canadian company that does have this ability in their App.

I am not looking for recipes per se as I have far too many to ever use saved and Anova has thousands on their website or Chefsteps, Kenji etc.

And yes perhaps they should partner with a recipe producer like paprika although I am not big on Paprika:)

But there is also a Russian guy who write a program which may or not have what I am looking for.

I just want the ability to edit/add a recipe so I can keep track on the app of what I have tried and what works for me. Not like I cannot do this in paprika or many other recipe programs or even on a sheet of paper stuck on the wall:)

I just do not understand what is so difficult. They have the control part and interface sort of down pat. Just have to add a recipe management feature or two. (Not saying it is totally simple either, just saying it has been done many times by individuals, never mind a fairly technological company like Anova).

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Recipe sites should include a barcode or QR code for temp/time of the main ingredient/recipe, and the app should then use the phone’s built-in camera to scan the code off your PC screen to program itself. A lot simpler from a coding point of view, but you would need to encourage recipe sites to include the codes. If the idea catches on it would become industry standard for all manufacturers, not just Anova, and a recipe site that adopts the standard will gain a competitive advantage. This is the future after all . . .


Asking the same “stupid question” a year later.
Is there a way to save my own recipes in the app? Be nice to have for those “go to” ones that stick with you.

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Definitely not a stupid question by any means! Unfortunately that feature is not available in the app yet. It was pushed back, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be implemented. Sorry!!! :frowning: @Slappy_Joe

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@fischersd - Great suggestion, I would also suggest a partnership with CopyMeThat. Their upcoming features are quite remarkable, even for their FREE version. :wink:

I want a favorite or history recipes list for my own. Easy to do again and to remember, we already logged in for some reason so it must go?
Like a list:

  • Pulled pork 82°C 12h
  • Short ribs 54°C 72h
  • Chicken breast 65°C 1h
    And so om



Currently the app can save favorite recipes that are within the app. Unfortunately you’re not able to save your own yet. @Anders.77

Ok, to bad. Hopefully you add a feature for this or a way to easily add a recipe to use private.


Another vote for the ability to store our own settings in the app. Surely it can’t be too hard.
I’m not looking for a full blown recipe application, just the ability to save description, temp and time for MY preferred cook.
I’ve only bought the anova recently, and while I love the cooker and the results I’m getting, the app is very disappointing. I’m hoping that you’ll actually release the api/sdk as indicated in another thread, then people can customise as they want. It’s painfully obviously that your developers just aren’t getting things done.
At the moment I’m recording my preferences manually and then setting the cooker manually. It sort of defeats the object of having a connected device!


@Jebdra Thanks! I’ll pass along your feedback to the rest of the team.

Perhaps call the Instant Pot people as you can edit recipes in their app and it is pretty much same otherwise

Another vote for being able to save your own settings as favorites. Wouldn’t need to be too complex. Just a button on the “now cooking” screen that allows you to save current settings as a favorite, and give them a name. Would allow me to remove the need for pen&paper which I have to go back to every time I use my own settings (which I determined by long experimentation).


So something like just saving a time and temp?

Name, time, temp, and date.

Yep, yep. Gotcha. We’re working on a little something right now for the app and personal recipes. Will give more details later. I’ll also let the team know about having the ability to save impt details like you mentioned @ANDRE1D.

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How’s this still not a thing?

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