How does the water flow?

I had a disaster occur today. There was a leak in the bag and a lot of grime and disgusting material from the steak flowed on top of the bath and I came home to a bubble bath.

After cleaning it all up and testing to make sure the Anova isn’t busted, I noticed that the Anova only expels water from it’s rear and not it’s front. Is this normal behavior? If so, I might have just not noticed earlier.

The impeller revolves creating a current in the water in the direction of rotation.

Take a look at the plastic cap at the end of the anova. There should be a large hole. That’s where water is pushed out by the impeller after it’s been heated. You can position the hole in any of 3 ways by the fitting of the cap to the metal skirt. I usually have it off to the side to promote circulation, instead of directly hitting the back of the container.